Time Tested Ways To Supercharge Your Motivation

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Motivation is something we have read and heard about time and again, especially if you’re a lot into the Personal Development space.

Motivation is that driving force that propels you to take action!

After all, no matter how many goals we set, a goal without action is not even a goal.

What happens when you feel Motivated?

1. You take Action:
You jump into taking action without forcing yourself to do so (even if it is for a short burst of time, it’s still effective).

2. Increase in Confidence & Faith:
There is a sudden surge in your confidence & faith about what you’re doing.

All of a sudden, you start to think, believe, imagine 100% success in your work.

This gets passed on to the subconscious mind and because your emotions of faith and belief are so amplified at this time, your subconscious mind begins to search for ways and means to create that success for you.

The key is in repeating this as many times as possible and within no time, you’ll reap the rewards of success

3. Positive Anticipation:
Your anticipation about the future becomes so positive without an iota of doubt or anxiety.

When you are motivated and you’re taking action, everything seems perfect and this makes you feel like success is so EASY.

It’s like if you have to cross an ocean as such, it’s impossible.

But what if the entire ocean becomes into water in a hoof print of a calf?

Then how easy would it be to cross the ocean? It’s just a hop away.

4. Increase in Productivity:
You get more wok done in a shorter time period when you’re motivated.

What would otherwise take you 3 hours to complete, in this state of mind, you could do it in just an hour or lesser.

Because you’re productivity increases, you feel you’ve accomplished so much and most importantly, there is immense SATISFACTION in the work done.

I know how it feels.

For example, I usually set a goal of practicing music for at least 4 hours everyday and I somehow manage to follow through it…

But, every time I practice early in the morning from 3 am to 6 am, it feels so amazing and although I might have practiced only for 3 hours, it would feel like I’ve practiced for 6 hours. Honestly!

5. Enjoy your Work:
Usually, anyone would feel motivated to do only the things that they love to do.

But sometimes, at office, if you have to get something done, you anyway have to do it whether you like it or not, or whether you feel motivated to do it or not.

However, if you do the same job in a state of being motivated, that same work becomes enjoyable and you don’t even realise how effortlessly you accomplish the task.

6. You feel INVINCIBLE:
Something about being in this state of mind, makes you feel totally in control of everything.


There are primarily 2 types of getting motivated. You can either get motivated from Outside of from the Inside.


This means you get motivated by other people or events happening around you.

This instantly boosts you with a lot of enthusiasm and faith in what you are doing or what you intend to do.

Just looking at other people achieve massive success in their business, makes you feel you can do it too.

But this type of external motivation lasts only for a short while. A week or so after attending a super successful event of your company, you could get back to square 1 and feel like how you felt before.

That’s why besides getting externally motivated, you got to find a way to internally motivate yourself.

Some of the ways by which you can keep yourself Externally Motivated are by:

  • Interacting a lot of people who have achieved higher levels of success in your field.
  • Attending events or programs organised by your company.
  • Watching videos
  • Listening to podcasts or audios during your downtime.
  • Reading a lot of books.


This is the most powerful way of getting motivated.

For this, you got to find your “WHY”. You’ve got to a have an invincible REASON why you are doing what you’re doing.

Especially for people who are into business, which is usually Unpredictable and Indefinite, being constantly motivated from the Inside is extremely important.

For some people, it may be:

  • To give their family a financially abundant life.
  • To relieve their wives from their 9-6 jobs.
  • To pay the hospital bills of their terminally ill parents and save their lives.
  • To pay off their impending debts and regain their respect in the society.

By internal motivation, I mean a reason that will bring you back on track when you’re about to quit.

Usually, the TIPPING POINT in when you’ve fully given up and decided to quit whatever you’re doing.

That’s when the magic happens. That’s when SUCCESS slips in from the back door.

Success is on hell of a SLY little thing.

Some of the ways by which you can be Internally Motivated are:

  • Reminding yourself about your “WHY” constantly.
  • Visualising your goals to its slightest detail every morning and night. If you work in generalities, you will never succeed whereas, if you work with specifics, you’ll hardly ever fail.
  • Writing your Daily Affirmations everyday especially, at times you feel very low.
  • Writing out your Goals everyday. This is super powerful because writing embeds messages in the subconscious mind faster than saying.
  • Maintaining a Gratitude Journal and updating it every single day about the things you feel very happy and grateful for.

I have personally tried and tested these techniques and it has worked for me every single time.

The First Step to attaining success is to be in a Positive State of Mind.

The Second Step is taking Massive Action consistently every single day and measuring your progress one day at a time.

Usually we always look at the final destination and get overwhelmed like a mountain climber constant looking at the peak while he is climbing and getting overwhelmed.

Instead if he only focused on the next step and each step at a time, he wouldn’t even realise how he reached the peak of such a huge mountain.

The Third Step is to be Patient and believe that you’re going to reach your destination and be on the journey no matter what till the finish line.

So, it all starts in your mind.

In order for you to keep your mind in the right state, you’ve got to be motivated.

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill.

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