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Do you remember pestering your parents, as a little child, to buy you the exact same pencil box your partner in class has, because it’s more shinier and better than what you have?

Have you heard your mother telling you about how smart your best friend is because she has scored more marks than you?

This tendency to either compare our things or ourselves with others, has been predominant since our childhood.

It’s a natural tendency and it grows to a whole new level when we grow up…

We compare our possessions with that of our neighbours’, such as the car they drive, the homes they live in, the schools they send their kids to and the list is never ending…


  • It robs us off our PEACE of mind.
  • It makes us focus on what we LACK than what we HAVE.
  • It puts us in a state of constant ANXIETY about the future.
  • It kills the element of JOY in our life.
  • It sows feelings of ENVY, JEALOUSY, INFERIORITY COMPLEX in our minds, which act like overgrown weeds in a farm.
  • It makes us feel so LOW about ourselves, which leads to having a very poor SELF ESTEEM.
  • It makes a simple task look so COMPLICATED because of the extreme pressure we impose on ourselves.

Comparison after all never brings about any good in our lives.

“NET WORTH has never been a good indicator of SELF WORTH”.

This is so profound and worth pondering over.

In the process of comparing, what we end up doing is that we always compare OUR WORST with OTHERS’ BEST.

Comparing the worst that we know about ourselves, with the best assumptions we make about others.

Comparing 2 people is like comparing Apples with Oranges. Every person is UNIQUE.

The goal of life is not to be better than 50% of the other people in the planet. The goal of life is to be the best that you can be, being the best version of yourself.

Comparison with others will always make you regret who you aren’t, than enjoy who you are.

However, sometimes comparison can also be looked at as a double edged sword.

For some people comparing themselves and their current position in life, with their superiors or their ROLE MODELS, works as a powerful MOTIVATOR to rise up to their role models and achieve their goals and dreams.

This can be categorised under INTERNAL MOTIVATION, where you have a very strong REASON why you’re doing what you’re doing, which acts as a trigger to bring you back on track, every time you are on the verge of quitting.

In most cases, it doesn’t bring about any positive. It’s better avoided.

Here are a few ways by which you can overcome this habit of comparison:


1. Don’t judge anybody:
“Look at people as NO BETTER OR WORSE THAN YOU.”

I learned this from my mentor David Wood.

It was so profound when I heard it.

When you look at anyone be it your boss at work, or your maid at home, as no better or worse than you, you feel at equilibrium.

This helps you make deeper connections with people and makes your existing relationships more meaningful.

Most importantly, it puts you on a pedastal where whomever you come across in your life, whether it is in person or virtually, get impacted massively by you.

This is called INFLUENCE. You become a highly influential person.

Some of the people that I follow ardently are David Wood, Eben Pagen, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins.

2. Celebrate who you are:
Celebrate your success even if it is a simple thing that you’ve achieved.

Doing this will enable you to focus on your wins and the good that’s happening in your life than look at others.

“What you appreciate, appreciates”.

3. Be Mindful:
Being mindful is being aware of the present moment and the thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations you are going through right now.

Your THOUGHTS determine your FEELINGS.

So, make an effort to be mindful or aware of the good things that are happening in your life “while they are happening”, not after they have happened like what most of us do.

When you get into the habit of relishing the good things happening to you while its happening, your mind becomes a SPOTLIGHT focusing only on the positives.

This eliminates the need to compare yourself with others.

4. Life is not a Competition:
We are not here to compete against each other and see who is better.

Life is a Journey and we are on the same journey with the same 24 hours in a day.

It’s what we do in those 24 hours that differentiates the successful people with the ones that are struggling.

Instead of wasting time comparing ourselves with others, why not use that time more productively in enhancing our lives and achieving those goals we have set for ourelves.

The one principle that works every single time is adding VALUE to yourself and giving it out to people.

In this process, you will not only achieve your goals but also help several others achieve theirs.

This is so muchmore powerful than competing like kindergarden kids.

5. Learn to draw your lines in life:
I’m not here to say that just a roof over your head, food on the table and clothes behind your back is enough. NO WAY!

But, it is important you know clearly how much you want to earn in your life or how many assets you want to accumulate …

If you dont know this, then no matter how much wealth you amass or how many fancy cars or homes you own, there are always going to be people having more than you.

You’re going to be unhappy and dis-satisfied, no matter what.

Then what’s the use of all the hard work that you’ve put in to create such an abundant life for your family and children?

CONTENTMENT is the answer.

Once you’ve attained contentment with what you have, whether you are affluent or mediocre, its like the habit of comparison is dead and burried in your life.


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