How To Be Extremely Productive In 3 Easy Steps

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Have you ever been totally sucked into Whatsapp or Facebook for hours together, and then later regretted the way you wasted so much of your time?

I have been so angry, irritated and frustrated with myself so many times, after I’ve squandered all my time away on Whatsapp.

What is more pissing off is that I would have let gone of some very important tasks in hand, for whiling away time on Whatsapp.

Had I done those tasks instead of checking WhatsApp, I would at least have done something more useful and probably moved a few steps towards achieving my goal…

But unfortunately, time spent is time spent. There is noway you can get back the time spent.

Ultimately, it’s all about how PRODUCTIVE you are with the time you have in hand.

Heard these really powerful and immediately implementable tips, to massively increase your Productivity, from one of Brian Tracy’s videos.

I guarantee if you follow through even one of these tips, you will never feel guilty about misusing your time ever again!

Some of the basic Productivity RULES are:

- Make a Tasks List:
Make a list of the tasks you have to complete, a night before for the next day, so that you don’t waste your time in wondering “where to start”?

- Turn off all Distractions:
While you get to your job, strictly turn off all distractions such as, your phone, email, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social networking sites on your system.

Incase someone wishes to meet you, make it clear to them that you are not available.

One very powerful quote I heard from someone is, “Never make your availability someone else’s habit”. I totally love this quote.

- Eat that Frog:
Do not give in to the temptation of clearing small things first, as small things are like Rabbits and multiply throughout the day, and will never allow you to finish your big and most important tasks.

“EAT THAT FROG” is a book authored by Brian Tracy, which talks about completing your big and most important task first and then completing the small tasks towards the end.

Here are some of the Productivity TIPS by Brian Tracy:

1. TASK Completion:
Just completing a task is such an important principle of Success.

It’s no big deal in commencing a task. No one gets a credit for “work in progress”.

It has value only once it’s completed.

Completing a task is a source of Energy, Enthusiasm and Self Esteem.

Every time you complete a task, even if it is a small task which is not so important, a chemical called the Endorphin gets released in your brains, which makes you feel happy.

However, if you complete a task of high priority which is big and complicated, there is a rush of endorphins that get released in your brains, making you feel like a WINNER.

Hence, Task Completion is the first step to achieving Success.

2. ABCDE Method:
This is the second step after you finish making a list of your Tasks.

Prioritise them in the order the Severity of Consequences that you may incur, by doing or not doing those tasks.

Tasks that you put under the “A” Category, are VERY IMPORTANT TASKS and have big consequences.

If you complete these tasks, you will gain huge rewards and by not doing so, you will incur huge losses.

Example: these tasks would determine your promotion to the next level, in your organisation.

Tasks that you put under the “B” Category, are what you SHOULD do.

These have relatively lesser consequences than the “A” category tasks.

For example, returning a phone call or responding to an email etc.

Tasks that you put under the “C” Category, are NICE to do, but have no consequences at all.

For example, having lunch with a friend or having a cup of coffee at work etc.

Tasks that you put under the “D” Category, are the tasks that you should DELEGATE to people who can do it at a lesser pay than you.

This can help you put all your attention and focus on the very important or Income Generating Tasks.

Tasks that you put under the “E” Category, are the tasks that should be ELIMINATED at once.

These tasks you should resolve never to do at all, as they simply consume all your energy and take you NOWHERE.

3. Law Of Three:
If you take a look at the tasks that you do in a day, week or month, you will see that there are actually only 3 tasks that contribute in the highest way to your Business, Personal life and Career.

So ask your self these questions:

If there is only 1 activity that I do all day long, that will result in exponential growth in my business, career & personal life, what would that task be?

If there are 2 things that if I do all day long, that will take me by a long way to the goal that I want to achieve, what would the second task be?

If there are 3 things that if I do all day long, will guarantee my Success not matter what, what would the third task be?

The key is in Identifying these Top 3 Tasks, that will change your life for the best, and you got to keep getting better at it by reading books, attending seminars, getting around the people who’ve achieved what you want in your field.

List out your tasks, keeping your long term goal in mind and prioritise it in way that will help you achieve your “B.H.A.G” (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

One very simple way to get started with your work is by telling yourself that “in front of me lies a huge list of tasks, which is extremely critical and I’m going to work on it for just 5 minutes and not any longer. “

The idea is to just get started like starting a car.

Once you complete the 1st task, your endorphins will work as source of motivation for you to complete the next task and eventually complete all the tasks on your list.

“Focus on being Productive, instead of being Busy.” – Tim Ferris

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